HSNC University Admission Procedure

Step 1 : Student registers and logs in the website.

Step 2 : Student fills in his/her profile.

Step 3 : Fill up the application form and uploads all the necessary documents. Then submits his/her application.

Step 4 : The HSNC University – Admission Team will verify the eligibility which requires a minimum of 24 working days after submission of documents for undergraduates. For Post-graduate admissions will be finalized only after June of the Academic year in which the form is submitted.

Step 5 : If the student is eligible, he/she will get an “Eligibility letter” along with the payment information for the registration fee (1150$).

Step 6 : The student pays the eligible fee, submits proof of payment to the Admission Team. Upon receipt of payment the student gets the “Provisional Admission Letter”.

Step 7 : The Admission Team, upon receipt of the above will require minimum 24 working days to finally process and allot the college.

Step 8 : Upon getting an allotted college, the student will receive HSNC University “Final Admission Letter” which the student will use to apply for his/her visa.

Step 9 : The student will get the full tuition fee cost and payment information. The limit to pay the first (1st) year tuition fee is 7 days post arrival in India.

Step 10 : It is the responsibility of the student to report to the college and course allotted to you. Failure to report will entail automatic cancellation of admission. No refund of any of the fees paid to HSNC University is possible under any circumstances.

Step 11 : It is mandatory for any student from non English speaking countries to pass English Proficiency Test and his/her responsibility to be present on the day of the examination.

Following students are exempted from English Proficiency Test :

• Students from English speaking Countries
• Students who have passed from Indian H.S.C. Boards
• Students who have passes ELICIS Course with B+ (Grade)
We request all International Students to follow the procedure strictly. Those who refuse to accept the above rules will not be given admission.